Iellos, the World on which Ahrea Campaign 4 takes place upon.

Continents -
Northern Ahrea, the Northern Half of Ahrea
Southern Ahrea, the Southern Half of Ahrea
Harga Island, Island to the Northwest of Northern Ahrea
Alenosa, homeland of the Elves and Gnomes
Bria, homeland of the Dwarves
Norncrast, homeland of Man

Cities of Northern Ahrea -
Vels Human Capital City of Northern Ahrea
Norgstad Human City
Iaedas Wood Elven Village within the Northwestern Great Forest
Rothsal Human Village Nestled Under Mount Ravinfel

Gelogical Features of Northern Ahrea -
Mount Ravinfel, Largest Mountain of Northern Ahrea

Cities of Southern Ahrea -
Durden, The Cobblestone City, Home of the College of Magics
Corin, Human Farming Village within the Andale Wood
Norvale, Human Farming Village within the Ervel Wood
Teregoth, Human Farming Village upon the fields of Southern Ahrea
Yaegstad, Small Human Town upon the Divide of the Lands
Iracel, City upon the western edge of the Gradnel Wood
Agen, Small Human Town upon the shore of Lake Ahrea.
Piar’Das “Land of Death”, Eleven City within the Desert of Narnas

Gelogical Features of Southern Ahrea -
Arcele River Largest River of Ahrea
Lake Ahrea Largest Lake upon Southern Ahrea
World’s End, Large Underground Waterfall within the Ervel Wood
Divide of the Lands, Otherwise known as “The Sea Of Mists”, Canyon seperating Northern and Southern Ahrea
Rosan Deadlands, Magically Devastated Wasteland on the outskirts of Rosan
Ervel Wood
Andale Wood
Lone Mountain The largest mountain upon Southern Ahrea
Desert Of Narnas, Desert on the eastern shore of Southern Ahrea
Coastal Cliffs Of Narnas, The Eastern Shore of Southern Ahrea and the Desert of Narnas

Locations of Interest -
Karas, Ruins of Human City abandoned during the 1st War of the Black Reign (AC1220s)
Noelsal, Ruins of Ielrerian (High Elven) City abandoned during the War of Man and Dwarf (AC900s)
Azel, Dungeon of Human Dungeon abandoned during the War of Man and Dwarf (AC900s)
Fortress Bragus Human Outpost abandoned during the 1st War of the Black Reign (AC1220s)
Fortress Rhina Human Outpost, Home of the Southern Riders of Ahrea
Castle Ahrea Human Castle, Home of Content Not Found: king-windsor-the-2nd_
Tower of Narnas Previously abandoned Human tower, reclaimed by _Content Not Found: zos


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