Ahrea Campaign 5: Revenge Of The Black Reign

Session 4: The Sandworms of Narnas

Party enters Sandworm den.
Adgar is saved from predicament.
Aya apologizes for the actions that led to Adgar nearly being killed, Adgar forgives her.
Party continues to the Temple of Gwersha

Session 3: The Sacrifice of Aya

Party continues search for Adgar in the Narnas desert.
Party encounters Soli, the friendly firesprite. She was summoned by Adgar to lead the company to his location in a sandworm den.
Aya begins acting very erratically, and threatens Aras’ life. Aras is able to calm her down and restrain Alahar before he attempts to kill her.
In the night, Aya becomes extremely frantic, and finds Aras in order to tell him about her fears.
In front of Aras, she is consumed by the dark magic her mother cast upon her and is encased within a skeletal tree.
The party is confronted with Aya’s mother manifesting within the tree, and also a skeletal hydra which overwhelms them.
In face of odds, party begins to withdraw and retreat, having decided Aya was lost.
Enraged, Aras stays behind in order to free Aya from her prison in the skeletal tree.
Party decides to assist, and hold off the hydra.
In the middle of destroying Aya’s prison, Aya’s mother tricks Aras into stabbing Aya, nearly killing her.
Aya begs for forgiveness for their previous disagreements, and enraged upon the thought of losing her Aras is able to free her from her mother’s possession.
Party defeats the hydra.
Party finds Aras holding Aya while still in a rage, unsure as to whether he has lost his mind.
In morning, Aya wakes up in Aras’s arms, and finds he eventually broke his rage to watch over her during the night. After helping her to her tent, the two come to terms with their past troubles.
With Aya returned and freed from possession, party continues search for Adgar.

Session 2: Beserker of the Black Legion

Party is reinforced with a party of Eastern Riders, and continue traveling in the Narnas desert.
Aya is falling under control of her mother, and is beginning to act more erratically.
Party finds oasis, and camps overnight.
Smalltalk between party members, Aras forgives K’Rena for her actions in the mine.
Party is ambushed by Kieras, a berserker hired by Lady Kala to hunt down the Company. Eastern Rider escort is killed by the beserker.
Aras is nearly killed by Kieras, Fiva is also nearly killed.
Sandworms begin attacking the encampment. Aya’s actions cause for Adgar to be swallowed whole by a sandworm.
Aras is about to be killed by Kieras, but is saved via sandworm as it devours Kieras whole.
Party decides to search for Adgar.
It becomes apparent Kieras survived his battle against the Sandworm, and continues to stalk the Company.

Session 1: Hag of Onar

Fiva nearly dies of thirst in the Narnas desert, party begins to run out of supplies.
Aras gives his remaining water to Fiva and almost dies of thirst as well.
Party reaches town of Onar in the desert, and visit with locals.
Party receives word of Hag. K’Rena acts noticeably different, as does Aya.
Party investigates mine nearby town.
K’Rena turns on party and nearly kills Aras, however Aras is able to disarm and hold K’Rena.
Aya finds a magic staff, and hag (her mother in an assumed form) attempts to turn her as well.
K’Rena rearms herself and nearly slits Aras’ throat, though Aya is convinced to destroy the staff and this frees K’Rena of her control.
Hag taunts party before leaving. Aya is falling under control of the hag.

Session 0: The Prologue

The Company of the Lighted Way reaches the Desert of Narnas after leaving Ryhar’s hometown of Agen at the end of Campaign 4, where ahead the Temple of Gwersha awaits them.

Fresh from dealing with Yunea’s death, Ryhar takes the time to track down a platoon of the Black Legion’s troops that the Company has been shadowing since leaving Agen, and upon Ryhar insisting to do battle with them, the Company engages them. They wiped out the Legion Platoon, however Ryhar finds that neither Ni’Ella the dark elven sorceress nor the Field Commander Iresoth are among those killed. He does locate some information stating that Ni’Ella was heading to the Temple of Gwersha herself, and he resolves himself to find her in order to avenge Yunea’s death.


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