Ahrea Campaign 5: Revenge Of The Black Reign

Session 9: Salamander of Piar'Das

In the morning, K’Rena takes Aras out on town. She confronts him about her concerns, Aras attempts to calm her.
Aras and K’Rena are ambushed by Salamander.
Fiva heads out to defend Aras, though she’s still injured from the previous night.
Party fights Salamander, Aras is ambushed by Norman.
Fiva fights off Norman.
Soli is captured by Salamander, escapes from party.
Aras and others head out to the North to fight the Salamander.
Aras confronts Salamander, with party’s help defeats it.
Soli is rescued.
Party continues onward, determined to find the Temple of Krios despite the Salamander warning them not to go further.



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