Ahrea Campaign 5: Revenge Of The Black Reign

Session 8: City of Piar'Das

Party enters Piar’Das. Locals do not care for Jarrad.
Fiva is called by her title “Knight of the Free Winds”, her and Aras are looked upon as heroes.
Party is offered lodging by the lord of the city.
Zos goes and kills a merchant that is providing arms to the Black Legion.
Most of the party drinks.
Fiva and Aras drink heavily, remembering old times.
In the middle of the night, Fiva is ambushed by a Salamander that takes a humanoid form in order to speak with her. It informs her that her party will die if they head north, and that Aras will die tonight. She attacks it and critically harms it with her sword, but it infuses dark magic into her and she is severely wounded.
The salamander escapes as Aras breaks into Fiva’s room to find her badly wounded. He chases after the creature. The party finds Fiva, who is worried that Aras has run off into an ambush.
Aras gives chase to the salamander, and finds out he indeed has been ambushed by the Black Legion.
Alahar and Ryhar run off to aid Aras, Fiva attempts to go but is restrained by Selea due to her injuries fighting the salamander.
Aras finds himself in an overwhelming situation as the Legion begins to swarm him, and the others are unsuccessful in attempting to find him.
Annoyed by Selea’s attempts to keep her calm, Fiva manages to get away from the cleric and enters the battle. She’s desperate to find Aras, as she now sees that the salamander has caused severe damage to Piar’Das.
Aras manages to hold off his attackers long enough to find Fiva coming to his rescue, despite her badly burned hands. Horrified, Aras begins attempting to wrap them up.
Aras and Fiva manage to hunt down the salamander in the middle of the ambush, but it bursts into flame and escapes in front of them.
Aras returns back to the keep to find Fiva in bedrest, and the two hold hands for several hours. After she falls asleep he stays awake the rest of the night to look over the entrance to her chamber.
K’Rena stays awake in her and Aras’ shared room, realizing that he isn’t serious with their relationship upon noticing he hasn’t returned.



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