Ahrea Campaign 5: Revenge Of The Black Reign

Session 7: Tower of Zos

Party heads to Zos’ tower in order to rest.
Zos entertains his guests in the tower.
K’Rena notices trouble in her and Aras’s relationship.
Fiva is nostalgic over how life used to be before the war, and finds a copy of her old favorite story she used to tell Aras. She steals it from the library.
Aras intrudes into Jarrad’s room in order to free Ni’Ella and steal the Sword of Elfbane in order to destroy it.
Jarrad wakes up in the middle of Aras freeing Ni’Ella, and the two nearly begin to fight each other in combat. When the party breaks up the fight, the two settle on a friendly duel to secure the fate of Ni’Ella and the Sword of Elfbane.
Aras barely wins the duel, and manages to free Ni’Ella and receives the Sword of Elfbane.
Aras sees Ni’Ella off, hoping she escapes to a safer place.
Aras has Aya destroy the Sword of Elfbane.
Party continues on in the morning to the city of Piar’Das.



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