Ahrea Campaign 5: Revenge Of The Black Reign

Session 6: Coast of Narnas

Party hunts after Ni’Ella.
Party fights off BL escort of Ni’Ella.
Ni’Ella presses on to the coast, captured by Jarrad via Sword of Elfbane.
Other elves in party become sick after sword is used.
As Jarrad captures Ni’Ella, he intends to use her as a slave – Ryhar and Alahar intend to execute her on the spot.
Ni’Ella is able to confirm that Era’Venas used her unwilling to commit the attacks, though party is unmoved except Aras.
Aras holds off Jarrad, Ryhar, and Alahar from either enslaving or killing Ni’Ella, company almost breaks down in this action.
Kieras ambushes party. Aras is almost killed, but manages to slice of Kiera’s left arm and shove him off the coast. It is presumed Kieras died in the fall.
Party heads to Zos’ old home, a tower in the area. Party captures Ni’Ella, which Aras is displeased with.



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