Ahrea Campaign 5: Revenge Of The Black Reign

Session 13: The Northeastern Marshlands

Fiva tends to Aras’ bedside overnight, the Green Swordsman having been saved by several White Helm medics.
Yardic and Adgar speak with Zanthros about his defection to the Crown. It is apparent that Zanthros is doomed to die a traitors death if the Legion captures him, but states he wishes to atone for past atrocities committed by the Legion without his knowledge.
Selea tends to K’Rena, who was near mortally wounded during the assault. It is unknown whether she will live through the night.
Ryhar tends to her side overnight, feeling at odds for caring for her, but realizes that her “lover” is not and will not be around for her.
The next day Aras, Yardic, Jarrad, and Zos chat philosophy with Zanthros, and battle plans. Zanthros mainly intends for his unit to die in glorious battle due to the nature of their defection.
Aras goes to see K’Rena while she is on bedrest, but she is silent towards him for not having seen her earlier.
In the night, Aras catches Ryhar sneaking into K’Rena’s tent while intending to be at her bedside. The two get into a very heated argument, and Ryhar ends up stating he wished he had never met Aras due to how he ruins other people’s lives after a fisticuff between the two is broken up by Selea. As Ryhar storms off.
K’Rena, still badly wounded and warned not to injure or exhaust herself more, opens the tent in order to shake her head at Aras and wander after Ryhar after seeing Fiva holding onto the Green Swordsman after the fist fight. Aras feels conflicted about the whole ordeal. K’Rena finds Ryhar in the middle of the woods and cries herself out on his shoulder, knowing that the Green Swordsman does not have the feelings for her she wished he did. Ryhar stays up the night for her, making sure she does not succumb to her injuries.
Aras and Fiva return to the general mess hall in order to drink with Zos and the others, and ultimately Aras gets into another fistfight with several Crown troopers after accusations of him leading the majority of the assault force into a suicidal charge. Aras is beaten severely during the fight.
Alahar breaks up the fight, and informs Aras and Yardic of his prerogative to take command of the Company of the Lighted Way, in light of the actions of the Green Swordsman as of late. Aras takes to the news bitterly, but is too wounded to attempt to fist fight Alahar.
Too drunk and beaten up to make much sense, Aras passes out in the middle of the Fort Breas grounds. Fiva drags him to their tent and watches over him during the night, becoming concerned with how violently he has been acting.
The next morning sees Zanthros giving the Company of the Lighted Way many gifts, and the parties plan on departing for their separate paths. Arala gives Aras a +1 Longsword as a parting gift as she and her remaining cavalry return to Piar’Das. Zanthros intends to take his White Helms north to open a path for the 2nd Company of the 35th Division and the Company of the Lighted Way to traverse to the marshlands.
Fiva visits K’Rena on her last day of bedrest, and thanks the dark elf for assisting in finding Aras. K’Rena is not pleased at all, and holds one of her daggers under her back until Fiva leaves.

As the party leaves Fort Breas, they are witness to a large red dragon being chased by several allied Crown drake riders – all of which are heading to the North East.
K’Rena, Fiva, and Ryhar are sent out multiple times to scout out the unknown terrain. K’Rena nearly works up the courage to “accidentally” shoot Fiva in the back as revenge for what the dark elf sees as meddling in her life, but holds off against it knowing how Aras would react to the wood elf’s death.
Ryhar and K’Rena bond closer during these scouting trips, and now share the same horse. Fiva is somewhat concerned, but doesn’t mind the matter any attention.
Zanthros’ push north has succeeded, and the Company of the Lighted Way makes it up to the marshlands without much further incident.

In a open town, the party comes across it after what the locals describe as a dragon attack, finding it nearly burned to ground as the rest of the 35th Division evacuate the survivors further up north. Upon further questioning they state it was the red dragon Fia’Pas that had destroyed the town – better known as the 1st son of Dasanar, the 1st dragon created, and the 1st red dragon created. Alahar and Selea are very uncomfortable upon hearing this information due to their time in the Kingdom of Tel’Na some two years previous, though realize they must press on.
It is confirmed that the temple of Krios is within the marshlands ahead, and the party continues ahead without Adgar and Gorg, who stay behind to oversee the evacuation efforts. It is stated that dragons are breeding in the temple, and as such several Crown troopers are sent with the company to exterminate the hatchlings.
Aya becomes noticeably morose as she approaches her favored god’s temple, and has several angry exchanges with Alahar.
The party moves through the swampland with a few Crown trooper volunteers, but are ambushed by a large number of green and black dragon hatchlings.
The party fights off a large black dragon, and a large green dragon, though they notice that a third much larger dragon escaped under the water towards the temple of Krios.
The party gives chase, and stands before the Temple of Krios. Aya prays for her god to survive through the coming day, and enters the temple with the rest of her companions.



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