Ahrea Campaign 5: Revenge Of The Black Reign

Session 12: The Assault On Fort Breas

The Company of the Lighted Way and Arala’s Cavalry charge upon the road to Fort Breas, Aras and Yardic leading the charge. They eliminate 7 advance patrols of Field Commander Krendall’s forces as they approach the Fortress.
One Legion survivor of the attacks is able to escape the Company and returns to Fort Breas to inform Krendall of the attacks, and is able to confirm that the Company did not agree to the terms of surrender sent to them three days previously.
Field Commander Krendall immediately commands his division to fall back and defend Fort Breas, fully expecting that his forces will devastate the incoming advance of Crown troops.
Fiva is extremely anxious over the ongoing events, though Field Commander Zanthros assures her that Aras will survive the assault he’s launching on Fort Breas.

Aras’ attacks on the Legion troops his party come across have become increasing brutal, and Selea is starting to question his mental state as it seems to her he has become unstable. He has not slept since Fiva was captured days before.
K’Rena is finding it much harder to spend time with her arranged husband, and as such finds herself spending time with Ryhar.
Others in the company are beginning to question Yardic’s tactics as well, as they know full well they are charging a fortress with a full division of the Legion’s troops with less then 200 men.
Aras launches another attack upon seeing a full company upon a nearby hill, assuming they are Legion troops. When it is discovered they are allied Crown troops, Alahar and others begin to question the sanity of their ally as he nearly began attacking them.
The 2nd Company of the Crown’s 35th Division pledge their support to the assault on Fort Breas, having been separated from the rest of the 35th Division as they are caught to the south of the Fortress and have been flanked on all sides. They number 165 men.
Yardic is praised for his surprise tactic of enlisting another company into the forces charging Fort Breas, but Alahar sees that this was just a lucky occurrence and questions Yardic on his leadership capabilities.
The party and it’s allies take refuge 1 day away from Fort Breas, managing to avoid detection from Legion scouts. They send K’Rena to scout the defenses of the fort. As Aras is too unsteady to do so, Ryhar is unwilling to let her go alone and accompanies her to scout the fort.
Though they are nearly detected by Legion troops, Ryhar and K’Rena manage to successfully determine the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses at Fort Breas, and return back to the party. They bond further during this time, as K’Rena informs Ryhar of her feelings that Aras does not care for her anymore.
Despite many allies expressing their concern that an attack led by Aras and Yardic will fail due to Aras’ mental state, the Company sets and prepares to attack the fortress the next morning. Aras and Yardic will charge the southern entrance of the fortress, while Alahar and Adgar charge the western entrance to block the enemy into their own fort.

The attack on Fort Breas begins in the morning. Zanthros invites Fiva to watch the attack, as it was apparent that the Company was planning to do so thanks to the botched scouting K’Rena and Ryhar attempted. Fiva is overly anxious.
Aras and Yardic lead the charge into the southern defenses of Fort Breas, losing a good number of the men following them into the Fort due to ballista defenses. Regardless, the two open a breach and begin planting explosives on several structures in the fort. Aya begins setting fire to them. Field Commander Krendall is taken by complete surprise by the charge at the southern wall, fully expecting his opponents to realize that it was a suicide mission to attempt to breach Fort Breas in that manner.
Alahar and his group charge the western entrance, and come across little resistance. Unfortunately the Legion realized this was the most likely point of attack and had rigged the buildings to explode in order to starve off the enemy advance. Alahar, Selea, Adgar, K’Rena, and Ryhar are caught up in the explosion but survive – though the majority of those following behind them did not.
The party soon realizes the grave error of their assault – with the 2nd Company stuck and unable to advance on the western side due to the fire wall created by the set explosions, they must charge the southern wall in order to breach the Fort. Many are lost as they are shot down by Legion bowmen protecting the southern walls from further invaders.
Aras continues the charge into the fortress, with his remaining allies following behind.
Field Commander Krendall frees Norman from his imprisonment and sets him loose on Aras, expecting the Bounty Hunter to deal with the problem to the south.
Fiva is now very much concerned, and manages to catch Zanthros by surprise as she prepares to backstab him for what she perceives as a betrayal. Zanthros attempts to calm her by informing her to watch the field closer. She is able to see men with white helms much like Jarrad’s starting to follow behind normal Legion units, and is told that they will strike down the remaining Legion units if the Company of the Lighted Way continues inflicting casualties in order to prevent losses for his White Helms.

Selea tends to a wounded Adgar as both breaching parties meet in the center of the Fortress grounds. No one has been able to find Fiva, and Aras determines they must press further north in order to capture the command building. As they attempt to do so, however, Aras is shot in the leg by a crossbow bolt and is left to bleed out in the open.
It is determined Norman fired this shot, and is holed up with several Legion volunteers to break up the assault. The party is caught in a intense crossfire, and efforts to retrieve Aras from the open field fail as it becomes to dangerous to reach his location.
Ryhar makes an attempt to rescue Aras from his predicament, and is shot in the forearm along the way. However, he is able to drag Aras behind a water trough for horses in order to be under cover from the enemy fire.
K’Rena launches a surprise rout of the enemy, intending to capture Norman’s hold by herself and allow the others to continue. She kills all but two of his volunteers in the ambush, but is shot several times in the back herself by Norman.
Norman brags of his accomplishment of killing K’Rena to Aras and Ryhar in the field, and despite pleas for him to not move Aras becomes enraged and charges the position. He is shot down near instantly by Norman, having taken a shot to the stomach.
Seeing that the assault has stalled and will fail if action does not happen immediately, Alahar forces Yardic to take command of the allied troops as he stands in the open to provide a distraction.
The remaining members of the Company of the Lighted Way and their allies charge Norman’s hold from multiple directions, killing the man’s volunteers and forcing him into the open.
Despite being gravely wounded, Aras forces himself back up in order to duel off against Norman. During a pitched swordfight the two draw their crossbows but lose them in the fight. As they stand over the other’s weapon, the two agree to settle the duel by trading crossbows and allowing the quicker drawman to win. As Norman kicks Aras’ crossbow back to him, Aras keeps Norman’s crossbow underfoot in order to shoot him while the man is unarmed.
Though Yardic and Alahar have taken command of the assault from Aras, they find that they are trapped in by an encircling battalion of Legion troops. They manage to rescue K’Rena before being informed to surrender.
Field Commander Krendall personally comes upon the field in order to inform Aras to surrender, who was previously intending to kill Norman as the man laid mortally wounded.
Upon noticing that the rest of his allies have agreed to the terms of surrender, Aras breaks Alahar’s orders to surrender in order to continue fighting. Krendall makes it very clear this will mean the death of everyone he fought with, though Aras draws his sword and prepares to charge Krendall.
Seeing his opportunity to overturn the Legion, Zanthros orders his White Helms to attack. Their attack decimates the Legion troops that had their backs to them, and causes enough confusion that the Legion is unsure whether to deal with the Crown troops in front of them or the White Helms at their backs.
Fiva manages to retrieve her longbow in order to kill Field Commander Krendall, hitting him with a well aimed arrow to the back.
The White Helms manage to utterly wipe of the remaining elements of Krendall’s division, and begin assisting the Crown troops with their wounded.

Seeing the battle is over, Zanthros lives up to his word and lets Fiva free from captivity.
Aras sees Fiva approaching him in a white dress, and is overjoyed to see her. Unfortunately, it appears that he suffered mortal wounds during the fight, and falls unconscious in her arms.



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