Ahrea Campaign 5: Revenge Of The Black Reign

Session 11 The Road To Fort Breas

The remaining members of the Company and Arala’s cavalry come across the forward base of the Legion of Vas in the region after two days of travel. Aya, Zos, Yardic, Adgar all notice that Aras hasn’t slept at all since the others were captured by the Legion Vanguard.
Ryhar is awake in order to watch Fiva being taken out of the jail they are currently in to an unknown location, nearly strangles a guard in his frustration before being knocked unconscious.
K’Rena and Ryhar are left in same cell, and the two bond closer then previously due to their shared experience.
Aras and the other members of the Company charge upon the forward base of the Legion. Arala’s cavalry fight against the oncoming troopers, but sustain heavy losses themselves.
In the confusion, Ryhar succeeds in strangling one of the jail guards in order to retrieve the jail key, unlocks himself and the others and they retrieve their gear.
Aras personally charges into the base despite the others warning him as he searches for Fiva, nearly getting himself killed due to his fatigued state.
Ryhar and the others attempt to escape the jail, but are held in place by remaining Legion forces.
Aras manages to fight his way to the jail and distracts the Legion’s troops, allowing the others to escape.
Aya, Zos, Yardic, and Jarrad rescue the captured members of the party, though they are able to determine that another company’s worth of men have escaped further north. Aya determines that this group have Fiva in their possession.
Aras is badly wounded in the stomach fighting the Legionaries on horseback, and slaughters the few Legion stragglers in a blind rage after not being able to find Fiva.
Selea is able to heal Aras, but it is apparent that he has gone somewhat unstable. He does not pay any attention to K’Rena, as well.

Fiva wakes up in a prison cell, finds that all of her equipment has been confiscated.
Norman manages to enter the prison block without authorization, knocking out the two guards stationed to it in order to capture her for himself.
Fiva warns him that she’ll kill him, he laughs but is soon caught off guard as she starts strangling him through the cell bars. As he opens the cell, she disarms him and prepares to kill him before Field Commander Zanthros appears.
Zanthros holds Fiva at bay with a force spell in order to prevent her from killing Norman, though he permanently scars Norman across the face for his insubordination before having the bounty hunter imprisoned.
Fiva is unsure what to make of the ordeal, but Zanthros provides her with a white dress and gives her comfortable lodgings before inviting her to a dinner.
Assuming that Zanthros intends to make her a servant, Fiva is surprised to find out that Zanthros plans to defect from the Legion with a company of trusted troops.
However, the planned defection requires the destruction of Field Commander Krendall’s Division of Legion troops in Fort Breas, where the two are currently at. Zanthros is unable to do this with just himself and his one company, and as such is using Aras and the Company of the Lighted Way as a distraction in order to turn and destroy Krendall’s division. Due to the fact it is a suicide mission on Aras’ part of the plan, Fiva is very not pleased to hear about this.

Two days pass as Aras is slowly recovering from his wounds he received from the attack on the forward base, and it is apparent he is somewhat losing his mind as he cannot focus on anything other than finding Fiva.
K’Rena begins spending more time with Ryhar, having always enjoyed it and finding comfort with him as Aras appears to be losing his mind.
A messenger from Field Commander Krendall locates the Company and Arala’s company, informing them of Fiva’s fate and the request for the entire company to surrender. Aya would be spared though sent to Lord Vanatos personally, Selea and Alahar would also be spared – the rest would all be killed as public enemies of the Legion. If this request is met, Fiva would be spared and set free.
Unable to accept these demands, Aras sends off the messenger. As the messenger rides off in peace, Aras shoots him in the back with his crossbow.
Alahar is enraged as this action will cause the full retaliation of Krendall’s division, though Aras doesn’t care and pushes Alahar aside as he begins to ride off towards Fort Breas.
Selea attempts to warn him not to continue further due to his wounds, but Aras disregards her and K’Rena. As the others watch on, Yardic speaks with Aras and determines he will ride with the Green Swordsman as he’s already assumed that this will be a final charge towards the enemy. (The Company and the Cavalry number only around 70, though the Legion has about 1000 troopers.)
Aras rides off with Yardic, and with the odds as they are, the party follows behind to face whatever waits upon reaching Fort Breas.



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