Ahrea Campaign 5: Revenge Of The Black Reign

Session 10: Black Legion Encampment and the Capture of Fiva

Party raids a Black Legion encampment.
Norman ambushes Fiva and K’Rena
Aya destroys camp.
Explosives are set off by Aya’s magic, everyone almost killed.
Norman personally captures Fiva while she lies unconscious from the blast, Legion catches a majority of the other members of the Company. Norman mistakes Aras for being dead and leaves the unconscious Green Swordsman lay on the ground.
Aras, Zos, Jarrad, Yardic, Aya, and Adgar are rescued by Arala when her cavalry charges replacement Legion troops intending the kill the remaining members of the Company.
Aras finds that Fiva has been captured along with K’Rena, Selea, Alahar, Ryhar, and Gorg.
Despite the overwhelming odds in the event they charge the enemy’s closest fortress, Aras and the others agree to rescue the captured members of the Company, and ride forth to rescue them.



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